Billing Information


How we charge for our services.

  • A Zone charge is used to book an engineer visit.
  • For a new site- we make a 1 hour site time booking.
  • No charges are applied for the return trip.
  • Van stock parts (over 250 items carried) are priced according to our published Van Stock price list.
  • Additional time required on site is charged at our current senior engineer rate which is £22 + VAT per 15 minutes.
  • Where further work is required an estimate is sent to you promptly.
  • A new client only needs to pre-pay for the first visit. After that you are set up with an account.

How can I pay?

  • We accept all cards and there are no card fees for callouts.
  • BACS payments are accepted and our bank details are RBS
  • Only payments over £500 have a credit card fee of 2.55% added, there are no added fees for debit cards.



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