Our engineering staff


Technical Director - BSc (Hons) Elec.Eng

My systems background as a graduate electronics engineer with Racal Communications in the mid 1980’s was the perfect grounding for automation.
Which meant in 1987, the arrival in the UK of the major European brand FAAC was a real opportunity, so AAC was born.
I still enjoy engineering hugely, and at AAC we know this trade inside out, and especially what happens after 10,20,30 years, I know, I’ve seen it, and I fitted them for 20 years.
30 years later we are the leading company in the region to deliver top engineers- next working day.
I am rightly proud of the team we have, all of them I would readily recommend to my friends and colleagues to deliver 1st class workmanship.


Technical Manager

A highly proficient automation engineer, at high expert level- on industrial, commercial and domestic applications.
Respected by all the engineers – and rightly so, with excellent communication skills, coupled with outstanding problem solving ability.
With over 10 years automation experience at only 30 years old, including 3 years running his own automation business, Neil provides considered, and expertly engineered solutions.


Principle Project Engineer

A very conscientious and diligent engineer, setting high standards for his team.
Outstanding system skills and wiring to match. The perfect engineer on a large project to deliver what the customer wants.


Principle Service Engineer – DHF Diploma Qualification

Highly respected engineer, able to solve problems with the right solution.
Always a smiling face and a highly capable manner in all the key skills automation requires.


Principle Service Engineer - DHF Diploma Qualification

Frequently commended by customers, Richie holds the honour of our most praised engineer.
With the complete skillset required for automation- Richie can tackle all systems with an expert approach.


Senior Service Engineer - DHF Diploma Qualification

Our in-house expert on door/shutter/ foot traffic control systems with extensive experience at Gatwick airport.
Means Chris adds extra knowledge for our door and shutter customers, in addition to his senior engineer rank for gates and barriers.
Software skillset is also very strong- which couples very well with all the new products emerging and leaning towards cloud technology.


Senior Service Engineer – DHF Diploma Qualification

Ex army bomb disposal, Sam brings the ultimate steady hand for strong welding.
He enjoys the daily challenges and variety that automation systems bring.
Strong software and PC skills allows Sam to engage with all the new APP’s and CRM tools, keeping us current and on top of advances.


Senior Service Engineer – DHF Diploma Qualification

With an impressive 40 year career in automation, means he has worked with all the brands in the UK.
Has literally seen this market evolve from zero. Bringing a wealth of experience.
Highly capable and flexible engineer, always willing to assist

Our support staff

Working closely with the engineers to provide expert solutions the support team are an essential part of AAC.

Coupled with the latest mobile technology the support team are able to re-route, track and send new work to all the engineers.

Having all the vehicles tracked allows us to keep clients informed and updated.

We have 3 full time office staff who work on the daily incoming requests for assistance.

The support team are highly experienced with all the UK automation system’s, and expertly handle new customers with a problem.


Front of House

Always a welcoming manner and cheerful disposition gives our customers a warm reception.
Maria handles the monthly service schedules and is the main contact for service agreements and BS12453 conformity.


Senior Support Manager

From her service industry background Mandi brings the perfect skills to co-ordinate visits and workable action plans.
Liaising with the service engineers to bring rapid support. Respected by the engineers to balance time and resources.


Senior Support Co-ordinator and Accounting Manager

From her strong SE region service background Lynne brings the experience of handling multiple engineers and scheduling experience.
Lynne also keeps accounting functions clean and tidy and brings a cheery attitude to work every day.