Our Team


AAC support and engineering staff.

  • 4 full time support staff- to handle fleet engineer bookings, project handling and normal commercial duties.
  • We operate a 10 engineer fleet
  • All with trackers and PDA computers for real time updates
  • Accurate billing via tracker reports.
  • 3 senior technical staff

How do we perform?

  •  We retain 99% of clients.
  • 85% of callouts are attended next day



Laurence Turk – Technical Sales and CEO

What is your role?

I daily handle new project enquiries, and then steer them towards the best solution.

For most clients this is their first system, so guidance is crucial.
Currently we retain 99% of clients, which is a very good indicator on our competence.

How long have you been at AAC?

I graduated in 1984 in electronic & electrical engineering, followed by 2 successful years at Racal as a military communications system designer. I was very good with hardware and systemising- as gate systems are control and communication systems this worked out well.

And by 1990 AAC were the leading installer in the SE. Today we have a very respected business and continue to deliver high end service to our clients through our service department headed up by Shaun, and engineering via Chris.

Our 28 years means we know what works and can apply our extensive experience into your project. I challenge anyone- if it can be automated AAC can do it.

What can you say to a prospective new project customer?

Firstly take your time with a project. I always have some 100-200 projects coming through at various stages, 1-2 years is very common.

I would expect to work with you on the design to get it right first time. AAC can do a complete package or work with your contractors- we talk the right language.

Chris Leggat – Engineering Director

What is your role?

The design and manufacture of quality gates and related steelwork at our factory.

Safety within the company and quality control. With 35 years of fabrication/hydraulic experience.

How long have you been at AAC?

Well the story goes back to 1988 when I started to make gates for AAC as a sub-contractor. Then I formally joined AAC 15 years ago as a partner based on the quality of the gates we were making, and subsequent growth as AAC became more and more popular. It was evident we understood this work better than most.

What can you say to a prospective customer?

Automation used brute force to move the gates. We daily see under engineered systems failing, robust design gives you long term reliability. All our work is designed to last 20 years.

Bespoke steelwork can be challenging, but if it can be made, we make it very well.

Shaun Fuller – Service Manager

What is your role?

Providing technical support to customers and my team of engineers.

Estimating for bringing systems back into service, upgrades and especially now gate safety.

AAC became members of the Door and Hardware Federation, Powered Gate Group four years ago. I was involved with the first aspects of the technical committee and helped to create the Guide to Gate Safety. This is an on going thing with the committee currently working on barrier safety and a specific code of practice for all members to adhere to. This will mean that with a DHF member you can be assured of getting a safe and compliant automated system.

As the AAC representative at these meetings I apply my experience into this important work. This means our company is 100% up to date with safety issues.

I also ensure the service we provide is ever improving and taking advantage of new technology to deliver a faster more responsive team.

Currently we retain 99% of clients which I know is outstanding, and we get to 85% of callouts next business day, which I am also very proud of our team to deliver that.

There are always new challenges as this industry is still evolving, in 1986 there were maybe 2-4 suppliers from Italy coming into the UK, now we see over 60.

That means everyday our engineers will be seeing new products, and a wide range of types- and an even wider range of wiring and fitting. I hope that with my back up our engineers can offer the best service possible. If there is further information needed by our engineers onsite, it can be provided to them in the hope of completing the all important first time fix that our customers require.

How long have you been at AAC?

I began my AAC life in July 2007 but my automation career began back in 1993. There is little that I have not seen during that time, having worked for a couple of other automation companies and run my own company in Canada.

What can you say to a prospective new customer?

Try us- we deliver. Unfortunately many people who come to us have had bad experiences with companies who have little knowledge. We are not one of those and we offer a professional service to our customers.

Give us a chance you won’t regret it!