If you have an existing automatic gate or barrier system that requires repair or maintenance please complete our simple form to make a callout request. Click here for our callout request form.


Having your gates work as you expect is something you take for granted, but when they go wrong you’ll need a fast and reliable service to help resolve your problem.

With over 27 years in gate automation we have the experience and knowledge of all brands, including older systems dating back to the 1980’s to allow us to fix over 80% of problems on our first visit — which is usually within 24 hours of receiving a call out.

Our highly skilled engineers carry the latest PDA technology allowing us to give you accurate billing, their vehicles have tracker systems and are well stocked with repair specific parts and tools. Each vehicle also carries welder generators to ensure that any physical failure in the gate or automation can be fixed.

In the unlikely event we can’t fix your gate at your site our large factory has all the equipment to carry out the repair to the highest standard.

We also undertake insurance work and have a wide range of callout options to book an engineer.


All automated systems are recommended to have maintenance servicing completed. This has two aspects, the first being the system staying in a safe condition. The second being the longevity and reliability of the system.

Automatic gate and barrier systems are generally exposed to all weather conditions and varying levels of use and abuse. As with all moving equipment a maintenance program will ensure the longest possible life of the equipment. All automation systems are highly stressed in normal use and are expensive to install.  We provide full servicing facilities which can include on-site dismantling for rectification and fault finding, together with off-site service facilities where required for hydraulic pressure testing. Preventative maintenance provides the benefits of:

  • Safety testing of the system
  • Continued trouble free operation and peace of mind
  • Extended life of the equipment
  • Continual security and convenience


We are proud to be following HSE (Health and Safety Executive) guidance for automation installers and can help you get your gates compliant with the required legislation’s. 

Whether you have an existing system that requires work or a new system, you are required to have a safe system. Currently the rules for residential and commercial properties differ in that commercial properties are required by law to have a safe system. Any breaches leading to prosecution will be a criminal offence. Residential systems are covered by the same rules but can only be prosecuted in civil court currently.

All of our new installations are required to be CE certified. This means that the whole system from the physical gate itself, to the automation and related safety equipment are safe to use. It includes final force testing of a minimum of 27 test points to ensure compliance with EN12453 and EN12445. Each AAC Service vehicle carries a force tester to ensure that we can professionally test your gate and ensure that it is left in a safe condition. The system is also given a final risk assessment to ensure that it is fully safe. There are areas on gate systems which do not require physical testing but need to be protected. These include any area which can cause injury by hooking, dragging, crushing, shearing, impact or cutting movement must be protected. Once the new system is complete, all of these areas will be safe.

Record keeping of your automated gate servicing is now a requirement of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, once we have become involved with your gate system we are required to keep this record for you.

We are members of the DHF Powered Gate Group which is the only trade based organisation in the industry. They run a gate safety diploma which AAC Service are proud to have passed.

We have also completed Gate Safe training and Came Safe training to compliment the DHF diploma. This training puts us in an excellent position to be able to advise you correctly on the safety requirements for your automated system.

For more information and FAQ regarding your responsibilities please take a look at for more information.


It is thought that around 70% of automated systems in the UK are still non compliant with current gate safety legislation’s. This means that it is highly likely that your automated gate will require some kind of upgrade work to align it with current legislation’s.

The automation industry in the UK has been around for over 40 years now and is only ever going to get bigger. This means that we are seeing more and more systems getting worn and coming to the end of their lifespan. In some cases this means the original system is likely to be obsolete and require a total replacement.

  • Alignment with legislation’s
  • Replacement of systems because of customer requirements
  • Poor original installation
  • Incorrect original design and specification
  • Damaged drive unit replacement.
  • Worn out- we are now seeing end of life drive units.
  • Adding new access controls.

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