Safety Systems


AAC offer the latest range of safety features for automatic gates. FAAC operators for swinging and sliding gates are among the safest available. The anti-entrapment and security protection provided by all gate operators can and should be improved with photobeams, loop detectors, sensing edges and/or other similar devices.

We strongly recommends that devices such as those highlighted below be installed with all automated gate systems.

Gate Operator

The swing gate operator (either gate-mounted or inground) automates the gate.

Control Panel

The “brain” of the gate system, the control panel is usually housed in a fiberglass or metal, weather-resistant enclosure along with other important access control devices. For security and safety, it is recommended that this enclosure be lockable. Another recommended option is to install a “pre-wired” control system from the manufacturer that provides accurate, organised wiring which is extremely helpful in future troubleshooting or repairs.


Normally used to activate traffic lights, Inground loop detectors can also signal your gate operator to open or close. But remember, they are designed to protect vehicles only, not to protect pedestrians or individuals inside the fenced area.


Photobeams protect anything that “breaks” the beam (vehicles, pedestrians, animals and, especially, children) which causes a reversal of the gate operators. Two sets of photobeams are recommended for best coverage.

Free Exit

For residential purposes, this in-ground loop or radio system automatically opens and closes your gate system to allow guests or visitors to exit your property without you having to do anything.

Gate Stops (concealed)

Gate stops are required on all FAAC gate systems. Stops limit the extent of gate travel and help protect the operator from damaging wear and tear. Stops can be fabricated and attached to the gate leaves, but don’t look particularly attractive and can also create unsafe “pinch points.” These problems can be solved by installing gate stops that are totally concealed inside the gate operator cover.

Warning Light

A warning light will alert anyone near the gate of its imminent movement plus helps to illuminate the gate area.

Battery Backup

Having a battery back-up unit as part of your gate system provides the peace of mind of knowing that your gate will continue to operate even if the power goes out.

Gate Safe

Your gate system can also be set up to provide special safety options, including “Gate-safe” and “Gate-secure” configurations

Gate-safe: During power outages, the hydraulic operator can be configured to allow the gate to be pushed open, permitting emergency access to your property.

Gate-secure: During power outages, your gate stays closed and locked.